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Year: 2023 |Volume: 2 | Issue: 01

Ayurveda view on Female Infertility and its management w.s.r. to role of GudabastiAyurveda view on Female Infertility and its management w.s.r. to role of Gudabasti

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1Assistant Professor, Rognidan Dept.SKRPAC , Nagpur.

Date of Acceptance: 2022-01-03

Date of Publication:2022-01-11

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Vd. Priyanka S. Atkari Assistant Professor, Rognidan Dept.SKRPAC, Nagpur Contact No-7620105112


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Introduction: Now a days, Infertility is a major issue due to changes in lifestyle, unhealthy diet, anxiety leading to hormonal imbalance, ovulation failure, failure of implantation and embryonic growth. Infertility causes great personal suffering and distress. According to Ayurveda, Infertility refers to biological inability of woman of reproductive age to contribute to conception and also the state of a woman who is unable to carry pregnancy to full term. Ayurveda has its own way to handle any health issue, it focus on treatment of infertility holistically with an aim of improving overall health and quality of life of an individual. Ayurveda is an ancient medical science and has a solution for this situation in the form of Panchakarma. As stress and busy lifestyle cause the vitiation of vata. Among Panchkarma especially Basti which is very effective in maintaining our healthy life because Basti maintains the proper function of Vata, When Vata has maintained properly then the normal physiological body function runs properly and decrease the chances of disease. In Ayurveda Vata is considered to be the root cause behind all the disorders related to the female reproductive system including female infertility. So Gudabasti is a Karma for the management of Vata. This article clarifies the effect of Gudabasti in female infertility. Aim: To study Ayurveda view on Female Infertility and its management w.s.r. to role of Gudabasti. Objective: 1. To study Female Infertility. 2. To study role of Gudabasti in female infertility. Discussion: As Vata dosha is the cause for female infertility and Basti is the best Panchakarma for Vatavyadhi. Gudabasti plays an important role in management of female infertility. Conclusion: Gudabasti is very effective management in Female infertility.

KEYWORDS: Ayurveda, Infertility, Vata, Gudabasti.